DJC Décolletage obtains ISO 14001 certification

Published 16 November 2023
Certified ISO 14001

DJC Décolletage, a company committed to the production of high-quality components, has taken a major step forward by obtaining ISO 14001 certification. This achievement confirms the company’s commitment to sustainable business practices and its adherence to the highest environmental standards.

Integration of environmental components:

Obtaining this certification represents more than just an achievement for DJC Décolletage. It represents the integration of environmental components into its operational processes. From sorting waste to complying with regulations and reducing energy consumption, it demonstrates our commitment to sustainable operations.

ISO 14001 in the automotive industry:

At the heart of the automotive industry, this certification has become a benchmark for opening up new markets. Aware of this reality, DJC Décolletage has positioned its environmental commitment as a competitive advantage. This certification opens doors in the automotive sector and beyond, demonstrating the company’s responsibility towards the environment.

A two-year project:

The project that led to ISO 14001 certification was guided by a determined team. Over a two-year period, the company set up a dedicated project team, carried out in-depth diagnostics in relation to the standards and regulations, drew up action plans, and went through a series of mock audits. September 25 and 26 marked the culmination of the process, with the certification audit.

Proactive management of minor non-conformities:

During the certification audit, two minor non-conformities were identified. DJC Décolletage is committed to proactively addressing these issues, demonstrating its commitment to improve environmental standards. Responses to these non-conformities will be provided to the auditor by early December. ISO 14001 certification will then be issued by Bureau Veritas, the certification organization.

DJC Décolletage’s ISO 14001 certification marks a significant step forward in its commitment to the environment. This achievement testifies to the project team’s collective effort and determination to operate responsibly in a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly crucial.

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