Gender equality at DJC

More than a commitment: a strong marker of our identity.

Our human capital is our most precious asset. We treat every woman and man in our company equally at all levels.

a commited company

As part of the Professional Future Law, DJC will calculate and publish our Gender Equality Index every year.

The index is scored out of 100 and consists of four indicators:

– Gender pay gap

– Gender pay gap in individual pay increases

– Percentage of female employees who receive a raise after returning from maternity leave

– Distribution of men and women among the ten highest-paid employees

Due to the way the company’s workforce is structured, it’s not possible to calculate the index. The maximum number of points that can be acquired is fewer than 75. However, some indicators can be calculated:

Through our commitment to pay equity, we are promoting diversity in all positions within our company, as well as attracting future talent to the industry.