Our mission

Together, in an efficient and responsible way, we contribute to the sustainable achievement of all the collaborators and partners of DJC CNC Machining, by putting our industrial know-how at the service of our customers.

Our values

The human being is at the center of our concerns, and this :

  • By working for the well being and fulfillment of all
  • By respecting and considering the work of everyone
  • By preserving our environment and our resources

Team spirit is about :

  • Sharing and communicating
  • Helping each other and trusting each other
  • Thinking collectively and moving forward together

Know-how is acquired over time by:

  • Maintaining and developing robust skills
  • Continuous search for improvement
  • Project management and innovation

The commitment is translated through :

  • Our involvement & our sense of responsibility
  • Our taste for work well done & our rigor
  • Our strength of proposal & our ability to adapt