Whatever your industry sector – you deserve our ”zero-defect” guarantee. We currently supply numerous customers throughout the world which is proof that we have successfully solved this challenge.

We have had to adapt to the high level required for the automotive sector. In the same way, we have equally adapted to the requirements of other industrial sectors.

Customer satisfaction is the result of our dedication to quality

Quality optimization and perfection provides both satisfaction and customer loyalty. Our qualified and trained staff is committed to the highest standards in quality control. We are dedicated to continual technical improvement through training and systems upgrades.

Quality, Safety and Environment approach

Our environmental policy and the scope of our EQMS are available to our interested parties. Please consult us if necessary.

DJC Quality Control Systems


Coordinate measuring machine

Complex machined parts with absolute precision.

This new ZEISS PRISMO machine allows:

  • Probing system for detecting discrete points on the surfaces of complex machined parts
  • Low measurement uncertainty of 0.9 + L / 350 μm
  • Setting the maximum measuring speed with high precision
  • Optimised measurement time for better efficiency

Laser measurement of CNC Machined Part

Automated Quality Control

Our strategy of integrating a 100% final control has enabled us to increase our quality performance.

Today we provide every solution for these controls that are available:

  • Dimensional control by camera
  • Aspect control by camera
  • Dimensional control by sensor

Meteorological Control on CNC Machined Parts

Metrological Control

Our metrological control equipment includes:

  • Three-dimensional measuring machine CMM
  • Roughness measurement
  • Cylindrical roundness and form defect bench (round test)
  • Profile control by camera
  • Profilometer
  • Traditional metrology equipment

DJC CNC Machining Statistical Process Control

Statistical Process Controls (SCP)

The SPC control is automated and completely integrated into the manufacturing process.

Each machine is directly linked to the ERP which allows continual information feedback as well as the piloting of specific measurements.

We have operated under a rate of 10ppm (parts by millions) for over 10 years.

APQ method illustration with fonts

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) METHOD

The APQP method has become an essential element for the management of our projects. This structured method enables us to encompass all the actions to be performed during the phases of development and project planning in order to guarantee our customers a perfect product. The purpose of this planning allows the project team to anticipate and avoid any errors rather than undergoing corrections during the phases of the series. All project and product data are thus planned, managed, and monitored on a daily basis.

DJC CNC Machining Resource Planning Software

MRP Software

This tool allows us to efficiently plan all the resources in the company.

It generates, among other things, operational planning of production based on the customers’ requirements and enables the regulation of material supplies according to the production progress.

As a result, we can optimise our inventory level and internal resources with extreme precision.

DJC CNC Machining Logistics

Advanced Logistical Management

We have reached an overall service level of 99% for 30 million parts delivered per year. Customer satisfaction has become our main priority.

Thanks to the use of an ERP and an efficient traceability system, DJC identifies and certifies the entire supervision of products from manufacturing to the delivery.


IATF 16949

IATF 16949 Certifcation Bureau Veritas

DJC has been IATF 16949 certified according to the automotive industry since December 2018.

VDA 6.3

DJC has been successfully audited by several manufacturers and constructors according to the VDA 6.3 reference.

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