CNC Machined Hydraulic and Pneumatic Connectors

DJC produces a broad array of hydraulic and pneumatic connectors of precise dimensions, functionality, and durability.

Our production tools and wide range of single-spindle CNC turning machines allow the CNC machining of standard and custom hydraulic and pneumatic parts.

Pneumatic and hydraulic machined parts include:

  • Cutting Ring Couplings
  • Hydraulic Adaptors
  • Hydraulic Quick Couplings
  • Hydraulic Flanges
  • and more

Hydraulic connectors materials

We use different materials to produce and machine process hydraulic connectors. These mechanical parts can be exposed to chemically aggressive fluids and extreme dynamic force loads. All this requires materials with specific mechanical characteristics, often thermally treated.

Brass CNC Machined Hydraulic Socket

Hydraulic Socket

CNC Machined Hydraulic Sockets

DJC produces hydraulic sockets using CNC turning, polygonal turning, threading, CNC drilling and CNC milling.

Chrome Plated Brass CNC Machined Hydraulic Sealing Housing

Hydraulic Sealing Housing

Plated CNC Machined Hydraulic Connectors

Chrome-plated hydraulic sealing housing produced using CNC turning, polygonal turning, threading, CNC drilling and grooving.

Stainless Steel CNC Machined Hydraulic Connector

Hydraulic Connector

CNC Machined Hydraulic Connectors

Stainless steel hydraulic connector produced using CNC turning, polygonal turning, threading, CNC drilling and tapering.

Brass CNC Machined Pneumatic Connector

Brass Pneumatic Connector

CNC Machined Pneumatic Connectors and Housing

Brass pneumatic housing produces using CNC turning, polygonal turning, threading, grooving, CNC milling, CNC drilling and tapering.

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