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Precision CNC machined parts for the automotive industry

DJC is an automotive industry supplier for precision mechanical parts machined on high-end CNC machines. The complex requirements of this sector have prompted the company to direct its activities towards continual dynamic improvement. Whether in small or large series, DJC produces CNC machined parts for the automotive industry with guaranteed quality and product excellence.

Vehicle image showing inner working of car

Vehicle systems using precision machined parts: 1) Turbo charger 2) Fuel injection 3) Electronics 4) Air conditioning 5) Gear box 6) Breaking

CNC machining offers extremely high precision and fast production times for medium to large series.

Automotive Ring

Automotive Ring

CNC Machined Automotive Rings

Automotive rings in steel or stainless steel, bored, inside threading and knurling for finger grip.

Steel CNC Turned Truck Pin

Truck Pin

Steel CNC Turned Automotive Pins

Steel and stainless-steel automotive pins CNC turned, threaded, CNC milled and cross-drilled.  At DJC, we are machining custom pins bar turned to the specific diameter (up to 51 mm) and length, using a matching type of material, all to meet the needs of your project.

Stainless Steel CNC Machined Automotive Piston

Automotive Piston

CNC Machined Automotive Pistons

Stainless steel truck and automotive pistons, CNC turned, CNC drilled and tapered.

Brass CNC Machined Automotive Oil Nipple

Automotive Oil Nipple

CNC Machined Automotive Oil Nipples

Brass automotive oil nipple, CNC turned, CNC drilled, tapered, CNC polygonal turned and threaded.

Stainless Steel CNC Machined Automotive Housing Valve

Automotive Housing Valve

CNC Machined Automotive Housing Valves

Stainless steel automotive housing valve, CNC turned, CNC drilled, grooved, CNC milled, cross-drilled and threaded.

Stainless Steel CNC Turned Automtive Coupling

Automotive Coupling

CNC Turned Automotive Couplings

Stainless steel automotive couplings, CNC turned, CNC drilled, threaded, cross-drilled and polygonal turned.

Stainless Steeel CNC Machined Automotive Body Sensor

Automotive Body Sensor

CNC Turned Automotive Body Sensors

Stainless steel automotive body sensors, CNC turned, CNC drilled, threaded, grooved and polygonal turned.

Aluminum CNC Machined Automotive Fitting

Automotive Fitting

CNC Machined Automotive Fittings

Aluminum automotive fittings, CNC turned, CNC drilled,  CNC milled, and cross-drilled

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