Heat and Surface Treatment for CNC Machined Parts

Through our partners, DJC can perform any number of heat and surface treatments on CNC machined parts to improve the physical and mechanical characteristics of materials used.

Heat Treatment of CNC Machined Parts

Heat treatment before or after the CNC turning process can add hardness and strength, and improve machinability to a metal part.

Types of heat treatments provided by DJC and its European partners include:

  • Annealing – annealing improves a metal’s machinability by heating it to extremely high temperature and slowly cooling.
  • Case hardening – case hardening hardens only the surface of the metal while leaving the interior soft and thus stopping the metal from becoming brittle.
  • Quenching – quenching makes the metal extremely hard and is done post CNC machining. The CNC machined parts are heated to a very high temperature and cooled rapidly.
  • Stress-relieving – stress-relieving is carried out post CNC machining. By rapidly heating machined part and cooling it slowly, the piece regains its mechanical properties lost during the machining process.
  • Tempering – some metal alloy parts will be put through a tempering cooling process after quenching to reduce brittleness.

Surface Treatment of CNC Machined Parts

80% of DJC machined parts are delivered with some sort of surface treatment. Depending on the need, surface treatments can extend the life expectancy of a machined part, improve exploitation and allow notable maintenance cost savings. DJC with its specialised European partners can provide the following surface treatments for CNC machined parts:

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