Our workshop is equipped with a machine park capable of machining various geometrics and finishes our customers could need, including long and technical parts (sliding headstock, twin turrets, twin spindle….). Our choice of robust machines provides us with great flexibility when changing series. We have 40 machines that manufacture parts from 5 to 65 mm in diameter.

Maching parts produced on Multi-spindle CNC lathes using a combination of CNC turning, CNC milling, and CNC drilling techniques.

Machining parts produced on Single-spindle CNC lathes using a combination of CNC turning, CNC milling, and CNC drilling techniques.

Single-spindle CNC Turning

CNC Turning Expertise

With DJC experience in CNC turning processes, you can create from the simplest to the most complex parts. Here are some of the turning methods we master:

  • Straight turning “roughing”
  • Polygonal turning
  • Tapering
  • Spherical generation
  • Grooving
  • Knurling
  • Threading

CNC Milling Drilling and Boring Expertise

With a wide range of CNC milling, drilling, and boring technics, DJC can produce a range of complex connectors, valves, pistons, and other hollow parts. Here are some of the drilling methods we master:

  • Straight boring
  • Tapering
  • Threading
  • Cross-drilling

Latest Single-Spindle CNC Lathes

At DJC we have a wide assortment of single-spindle CNC lathes with specific characteristics to machine any part using different techniques: CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC drilling and CNC boring.


Strong, high-rigidity lathes for heavy CNC machining

Miyano Single-Spindle CNC Bar Turning Machine
Model Number
BNE-51SY 3
BND-42 4
BNJ-34S 1
BNE-51S 1
BND-34 1
BNC-20 7
BNC-34 5


Swiss-style lathes with unique Guide Bush/Non-Guide Bush switching function

Star Single-Spindle Digital Lathe
Model Number
SE12 1
SE16 2
SB16 5
SB20R 3


Swiss quality CNC bar turning lathes with 3 independent tool systems

Tornos SwissDeco 26 Single Spindle CNC Lathe
Model Number
Deco20 1
Deco26 3


Double-spindle, double-turret bar turning machines

Biglia Automated Lathe
Model NUmber
B445 1
B436 2

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