CNC Machined Electrical Connectors

DJC produces small to large series of electric connectors, housings and sockets on the latest CNC turning machines. We produce parts from copper, brass and copper alloys known for exceptional electric properties, ductility, and good resistance to corrosion. We also provide various surface treatments for better aesthetics and resistance to wear.


Copper CNC Turned Electrical Connector

Copper Electrical Connector

Copper CNC Machined Electrical Connectors

Copper electrical connectors, CNC turned, CNC drilled and threaded.

CNC machined part made of brass

Brass Electrical Connector

Plated Brass CNC Machined Electrical Connectors

Plated brass electrical connectors, CNC turned, CNC drilled, CNC milled and knurled. Surface treatment provides aesthetic finish.

CNC Machined Brass Electrical Connector

Brass Electrical Connector

Brass Electrical Connectors

Untreated brass electrical connectors, CNC drilled, CNC milled and threaded.

If you are looking for a customizable electrical connector solution, search no more! Quick turnaround time for the highest-standard CNC machined electrical connectors delivered from the heart of Europe. DJC team is here to deliver top-quality products based on the requirements of your project.

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