DJC is a trusted European supplier of large series of CNC machined parts made of various types of stainless steel (303, 304, 316, 440, 421). We produce 5 to 32 mm diameter precision stainless steel parts for a wide range of industrial applications: automotive, aeronautical, hydraulic, pneumatic, medical, electronic and many more.

Short Lead Time

With our 60 plus CNC machines, we meet the deadlines of our clients without setting aside quality. DJC’s highly trained staff, organizational excellence, and latest CNC machines ensure production quality and quick delivery times.

Trusted European Supplier

DJC is one of the largest suppliers of precision CNC turned parts in Europe. Situated in the center of Europe, we can deliver parts across the continent within 24 hours.

DJC is trusted by leading European manufactures in the automotive, hydraulic, electronic, pneumatic, and medical sectors to deliver zero-defect stainless steel turned parts such as: steel screws; nuts and bolts; inserts; rods and pins; connectors; fittings, and more.

 Zero Defect Quality Control

Rigorous quality control processes, tools, and expertise allow DJC to produce ‘zero-defect’ large series precision stainless steel turned parts.

To maintain the highest standards of quality, DJC has invested in state-of-the-art testing and verification tools and software systems: dimensional and aspect control by the camera and dimensional control by sensors, metrological control systems, statistical process controls, and advanced product quality planning.

We also have a dedicated quality development team to ensure that we always stay up to date with the latest quality assurance methods and continue to deliver supreme quality stainless CNC machined parts.

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Sales Inquiries

For further sales inquiries, please contact our sales representatives weekdays from 8am to 5pm CET.

E: l.gerardin@djc.fr
M: +33 (0)6 09 24 35 28