The new Nakamura-Tome NTY3-100 offers new production perspectives to DJC Décolletage

Published 19 January 2023

DJC Precision CNC Machining has expanded its high-precision machining capabilities with the addition of a CNC multitasking machine to its fleet. This machine allows DJC Precision CNC Machiningto increase its operational efficiency in bi-spindle turning, to improve its machining capacities and to carry out important orders. In particular, it allows us to reach bar diameters of up to 70 millimeters. Currently, the machine park only allows for bar diameters of up to 51 millimeters.

The latest generation of the NTY3 series has many useful functions for simplified and user-friendly machine operation, as well as a large number of tools. The conditions are therefore ideal for a massive reduction in order processing times and therefore in unit costs.

The Nakamura-Tome NTY3-100 “user-friendly” NT-SMART X control is standard in the NTY3 model range; it offers different levels of operator control for setup and operation as well as advanced data technology for productivity, machine monitoring, machine simulation and collision control with an airbag system.

The Nakamura-Tome NTY3-100 is a high-productivity, multi-tasking turning center that is on the cutting edge of speed. It offers unique three-turret, three-Y-axis multitasking capabilities in a compact space, with an ergonomic 60° inclined bed and, it is equipped with the new Smart X controller.

In addition to the benefits of simultaneous machining on the left and right spindles, this ultimate high-precision, high-performance multitasking machine introduces the Y-axis on all three turrets, contributing to increased productivity.

Using the Y-axis for simultaneous machining with the upper and lower turrets. The optimization of the machining process layout becomes a reality. Whether machining with several tools simultaneously on one side or on the left and right sides, the cycle time is considerably reduced.

Nakamura-Tome NTY3-100 Features:

  • CNC multitasking machine with three turrets, three Y-axes and an opposing spindle.
  • The three Y-axes are standard. The three turrets are equipped with 24 positions.
  • Up to 72 tools.
  • Simultaneous cutting with top and bottom tools on L/R counter spindles ensures balanced processes and faster cycle times.
  • High performance milling capabilities.
  • Milling motor power is 7.1/2.2kW (Op. 5.5/2.2kW only for 12-st turret).
  • 5000 rpm left spindle speed 15/10 HP Fanuc spindle motor.
  • 6000 rpm right spindle speed 15/10 HP Fanuc spindle motor.
  • Foot switch to open/close chuck.
  • Fixed air blowing axes left / right.
  • Complete “C” axis milling unit – left and right spindles.
  • 19″ LCD screen with PC Base CNC Control NT Smart X.
  • Chance Bei II (3D Smart Pro).
  • NT Nurse II system.
  • NT Work Browser.
  • Parts recuperator.
  • Safety lock for clamping failures.
  • Spindle lock for main and secondary.
  • Spindle speed priority switch, left/right spindles.
  • Helical interpolation.

DJC Precision CNC Machining is now equipped with a CNC multitasking machine with three turrets, three Y-axes and a counter spindle. This Japanese-made machine has a spindle speed of up to 6,000 rpm and can hold an impressive 72 cutting tools. All of this coupled with the “ESPRIT” CAM allowing for easy and comprehensive programming.

This qualifies DJC Precision CNC Machining as the manufacturer of choice that can satisfy small to large volume orders of high precision components for fields that require high precision and repeatability, in the medical, automotive, connector or aerospace industries.

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