DJC invests in a new three-dimensional measuring machine ZEISS PRISMO

Published 15 October 2021

Complex machined parts with absolute precision

To complete the quality control process at DJC, the CNC machining company has invested in a 3D measuring machine. The company can be confident that it is delivering machined parts to an accuracy of the tenth or hundredth of a micrometer. Indeed, with a low measurement uncertainty of 0.9 + L / 350 μm, DJC has chosen to use the ZEISS PRISMO machine for even more precision.

Accelerated performance

Convenient and reliable, this measuring machine provides high-speed scanning with maximum precision, allowing DJC to improve inspection procedures while saving time thanks to the speed configuration the machine allows.

Thanks to this investment, the bar turning company can keep up with the required pace inherent in its production and the strict quality assurance and control standards demanded by its customers.

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