Medical and Aeronautical CNC Machined Parts

DJC is a supplier of bar turning machined parts for various types of medical equipment. The flexibility of the latest CNC machines used in our facility allows us to work with a variety of materials appropriate for use in the medical industry. Together with our partners, we are able to prepare and process materials with required specific mechanical and chemical properties. Our final products are delivered with the finest product quality and dimensional precision, degreased, washed, and sterilised for use in different medical fields.

Turning bar machined mechanical part produced for medical application

Medical tool mechanical part made from turning bar machined on CNC machine

Precision medical machining

For more than two decades DJC has been involved in serial production of mechanical parts used in the medical field.

With the high-standard preparation, followed by in and post-process quality control, we are able to provide parts to emergency rooms and medical facilities around the world. Material treatment, seamless tools maintenance and zero-dimensional tolerance leads us to successful production based on strict following of our customers’ requirements.

Medical instrumentation materials we’ve been successfully processing are cobalt chrome, titanium, aluminum, steel, stainless steel and plastics.

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